Vintage Drum Machines


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                    Over 70 Vintage     
               Drum Machine Kits

The Ultimate Vintage Drum Machine Collection

This is a gold mine of sample collections from 70 vintage drum machines. This varies from the most popular to the obscure. All kits made into Drum Rack presets that are easily installed to your library. This collection will easily give you every sound you could need for electronic drums. If you are looking for THAT sound, you'll find it here!



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70 Vintage Drum Kits
Full Roland R70 & R8 Drum Machines
General Midi Drum Selector

SizeInstallation size: 20.7MB
Download size: 15.4MB

RequirementsLive 9 Suite (version 8.1.3 or higher)
Does NOT  require Max for Live

Vintage Drum Machine Collection


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