kick machine


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    Professional Kick Drums 
                         in minutes

The perfect tool for easily making professional Kick Drums in minutes.

Each kick can have up to 5 layers, giving you a depth and complexity not previously easy to attain. You can create 1000’s of high quality kicks effortlessly. You have complete control over each layer of the sound. 
including:  Volume, Pitch, Attack, Decay, Lowpass/Hipass Filter & Drive/Saturation



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Contents1. Kick Synth Layer
2. Transient Layer
3. Low Kick Layer
4. High Kick Layer
5. Full Kick Layer


SizeInstallation size: 101.9 MB
Download size: 40.9 MB

RequirementsLive 9 Suite (version 9.6 or higher)

Start making Professional Sounding
Kick Drums in minutes

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