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      Never hit a wrong note 

The perfect tool for easily making professional Kick Drums in minutes.

Choose the key you want to play in and conform ANYTHING you play or ANY midi loop to that key! Fantastic tool for playing Live, DJ'ing, Remixing or Producing. Imagine chaotic, out of tune parts transformed into beautifully harmonized music. This will be the most fun you've had in Ableton in a Long time! Will work perfectly with the "Mixed in Key" number system or by actual key name. Must have Ableton 8.1.3 or later. Does NOT Require Max For Live.



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3 Channels
1. Scales arranged by "Mixed in Key"
2. Scales Arranged by Key
3. Loop & Live Performance Channel

SizeInstallation size: 41kb
Download size: 36kb

RequirementsLive 9 Suite (version 8.1.3 or higher)
Does NOT  require Max for Live

Turn random notes into beautiful melodies in seconds


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