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The Ableton DJing and Performance Video Collection

If you find yourself getting stuck when attempting to DJ or setting up your songs for Live performance, I think you're gonna love these videos.

Unlocking the secrets of performance in Ableton will open up a completely new experience for you and your ability to innovate! 



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Contents18 Indepth Video Tutorials
1 PDF Ebook

Videos(248mb)Bonus Videos(174mb)Mixing With Your Mind Ebook

what you will learn

Here's just some of what this video course includes:

  • How To DJ Creatively With Ableton Live
  • How To Warp Your Songs So They Sync Perfectly
  • Syncing Ableton On 2 Computers
  • Preparing your Own Songs for Live performance
  • How To Create A DJ Mix In Ableton
  • Warping Songs The Have A Live Drummer
  • Organizing Your Files For DJing
  • Setting Up Your APC40 For DJing & Loads More

DJing & Performance Collection


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