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Create 1000's of bass sounds
                          in minutes

The perfect tool for easily making professional Bass Sounds in minutes.

If creating bass sounds that are phat, rich, deep & cut through the mix is a struggle for you, this is your solution! Use up to 7 layers to create your perfect bass sound. 1 Sub Layer 2 Bass Layers 2 Click Layers 2 Dirty synths. 



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Contents1. Sub Bass
2. 1st Bass Layer
3. 2nd Bass Layer
4. Transient Synth Layer
5. Transient Sample Layer
6. Dirty Synth 1
7. Dirty Synth 2

SizeInstallation size: 414.57 MB
Download size: 216.8 MB

RequirementsLive 9 Suite (version 9.6 or higher)

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bass in minutes


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