Ableton remixing walkthrough

The information in this collection would cost you at least $600 in
personal training!

I am thrilled to offer you what I consider to be one of the most in depth and complete collection of video tutorials on Remixing ever made! I don’t hold back on anything in this remix collection! You will learn all the secrets to how I created this remix from start to finish. If you find yourself getting stuck when creating your own Remixes, or you feel that there is something missing in either your production, arrangement or use of effects, this collection is a must have! This collection could save you months or ever years in fumbling around or getting stuck on your remix project. Unlocking the secrets behind remixing will open up a complete new experience for you and your ability to create!
By now you should know that I would never release a collection of videos unless I felt it was easy to follow, detailed and as informative as possible. This collection delivers!

Here are some things I will cover:

1. How to edit the raw files from the song you are remixing and prepare them for use in Ableton as samples and loop clips.

2. How to work your clips into an scenes and add your own production until your remix starts taking shape.

3. How to take your scenes and clips and build a solid arrangement including intro, build ups, breakdowns, peaks and outro.

4. Every fx setting, volume edit, filter tweak and every other parameter edit you can imagine.

5. The best way to make the session window and arrangement window work in your favor and how to add the finishing touches that make your remix sound professional.

Here Are some of the things people are already saying about my
Remixing Video collection:

nice job with the Re-mix tutorials. Very comprehensive and easy to follow. They answered many underlying questions that I’ve had for years, towards putting a track together. These tutorials are invaluable. Thanks again. Regards,
Danny Rodriguez

Not really a question but more of a thank you.  Enjoyed your tutorials the most out of the 3 I have purchased (Macpro video and SWA were other 2).
Scott Jester

Download it now and start learning in minutes!

Ableton Remixing Walkthrough
New Reduced Price (from $37)! For those who want to see exactly how I approach a remix. From editing the original sounds, to dropping them into Ableton and building ideas. Then adding to these ideas to compliment the original material and finally working it all into a song. All edits, effect settings, automation, and arranging procedure is included in the information packed video collection. (Now with a bonus 2 hour video walkthrough with songfile)

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