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The Ultimate Ableton Master Template
This Template is the result of 100's of hours of passionate work. This tool will easily triple your productivity! This gives you all the tools you need to make great quality music without having to leave the template. Drum kit Chains, Bass Chains, Subs, Stabs, Pads, drum loops, reverse sounds, tons of effect options, and more. Check out the walkthrough video by clicking on the title on picture.

Ableton Ultimate Master Template

Producer's Deluxe Collection
Get all 3 of my full video Collections (Ultimate Collections 1 and 2 and Advanced Warping Collection) Producers Deluxe Collection For those who are really serious about taking their skills in Ableton to the next level, this collection is the way to go at an amazingly discounted price!

Producer's Deluxe

Ableton Remixing Walkthrough
New Reduced Price (from $37)! For those who want to see exactly how I approach a remix. From editing the original sounds, to dropping them into Ableton and building ideas. Then adding to these ideas to compliment the original material and finally working it all into a song. All edits, effect settings, automation, and arranging procedure is included in the information packed video collection. (Now with a bonus 2 hour video walkthrough with songfile)

Remix Walkthrough

Always In Key
Never hit a bad note again! With this tool, you'll be able to choose the key you want to play in and conform anything you play or ANY midi loop to that key! This is a fantastic tool for playing Live, DJ'ing, Remixing or Producing. Imagine chaotic, out of tune parts transformed into beautifully harmonized music. This will be the most fun you've had in Ableton in a Long time! Will work perfectly with the "Mixed in Key" number system or by actual key name. Must have Ableton 8.1.3 or later. Does NOT require Max For Live.

Always in Key

Ableton Producer Kit - The Doctor is in
Ableton Producer Kits are in depth templates that allow you to use the elements of my song in many ways. Whether you are a DJ, Producer, remixer or Live band, there is something here for you. Includes: Original Song * a Live Performance Template * Separated Song Loops * Drum Kits * Instruments * effect chains.



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