Producers Deluxe chapters

Below are the subjects I will cover in each of the series:


Ableton Ultimate Collection #1


Intro 2(live 9 users)

Basic editing

Volume & parameter edits

Clips in Ableton


Warping in Ableton 9 & 8


Impulse 2

Freezing tracks to save cpu

Recording midi to audio

How to Export Audio in the Session window

Make a DJ mix in arrange window

Rewiring with Reason as a slave

Controller knobs & keys


Beat Repeat

Basic audio & midi preferences

Lesson for live bands

Save save save

Creating & saving group instruments & fx

DJing in Ableton 1

DJing in Ableton 2

DJing in Ableton 3

DJing in Ableton 4

DJing in Ableton 5

Setting up a 3rd party vocoder

Getting a great Vocoder sound

Making filter sweeps

Recording loops on the fly

Sampler – importing multisamples

Sampler – sample tab

Sampler – modulation & midi tab

Sampler – Pitch Osc

Sampler – Filter tab

Sampler – Zone

Changing tempo in Ableton

Operator 1

Operator 2

Operator 3

Filter Envelopes

Simpler tricks

Affecting multiple clips

Step Sequencing

Midi Preferences –  Track Sync Remote


Synthesis intro

Synthesis – Additive

Synthesis – oscillators

Synthesis – Envelopes

Synthesis – Subtractive

Synthesis – FM

plus Bonus videos!

These videos were done on Ableton version’s 9, 8 & 7 and will translate seamlessly with all of them!

With these Tutorials you should have no problem doing many of the things you would want to do with this program.

They are specifically made so a beginner can be up and running in no time. You will be able to come back to

these videos again and again and learn a little more each time.


Ableton Ultimate Collection #2

In these tutorials you will learn:

01. Drum Racks basics

02. Drum Racks – Slicing Audio

03. Drum Racks – What’s is Choking?

04. Drum Racks – Convert Simpler instrument to Sampler

05. Dj’ing in Live – Launching midi and Audio Clips w/o a mouse

06. Dj’ing in Live – How to organize your music files

07. Bpm adjusting

08. Converting midi to audio using the freeze function

09. How to use Macros to control many parameter with 1 knob

10. Advanced arpegiator tips and secrets

11. How to save and share custom kits and presets

12. How to make multiband effect in effect racks

13. Rewiring Reason with the external hardware effect

14. Sidechaining without a compressor

15. Sampler tutorial on Root keys

16. How to install included drum and sample kits (look below)

Plus Bonus videos!

You also receive these easy to install samples for Ableton’s Drum Racks instrument!

So good, you may never need another drum sample!

Over 20 Pro drum kits for all different styles!

(you can also access all these samples to create your own kits in whatever instrument you like)

Rolands amazing R-70 drum machine sounds

(It’ll be just like having the real thing inside your Drum Racks instrument!)

These videos will translate seamlessly future version 9 and before!


The Advanced Ableton Warping collection

(These videos are currently made for Versions 9, 8  and 7 so you’ll learn both warping systems)

1. How to warp a song with a full song the has an intro with no downbeat (but is otherwise on time).

2. How to warp a track that has a break that comes back in an off time. For example half a bar early or half a bar later.

3. How to warp a song that Ableton incorrectly reads and puts tons of unnecessary markers in.

4. The best way to make sure all your warped songs will be on time with eachother

5. How to warp a track that slows down in the middle and then returns to it’s normal tempo

6. How to warp accapellas

7. Warpless mixing in Ableton

8. Warping multiple songs simultaneously

9. Warping songs with live drums

Plus Bonus Videos!

Producer's Deluxe Collection
Get all 3 of my full video Collections (Ultimate Collections 1 and 2 and Advanced Warping Collection) Producers Deluxe Collection For those who are really serious about taking their skills in Ableton to the next level, this collection is the way to go at an amazingly discounted price!

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