moves to Denver

For those of you who might be wondering why my posts have been a bit less frequent, it’s been due to my moving to Denver. There has been a lot of preparing, packing & all the other stuff that comes along with a big move. It’s certainly taken a toll on my music productivity & even though I have finally arrived here, there is still another month of this to be expected.

For the last 18 months or so I’ve been living in Iowa City, Iowa. It was a great college town with a slower pace of life than my previous residence in Southern California. The new environment has been quite a healing experience. I had to get use to cold weather, but it was worth it.  While there, I backed off from DJing gigs & focused largely on music production & building up this site. I knew I’d get back into it later, but I felt the need to re-prioritize. It turned out to be a very productive time.

Here are some of the things I’ve been able to accomplish:

Creating the Ultimate Master Template

Introducing the Producer’s Playground

Posting a 12 step songwriting process in Ableton

Creating the Stutter Pad instrument

A complete update of my 1st Ultimate Ableton Tutorial Collection

Creating (and continuing to improve) my Partnership Program

Although it was tough to back off on live performance, I am really proud of the contributions I’ve been able to make in other ways. So although Iowa City didn’t offer a whole lot in terms of expanding as a performing artist, it still served a great purpose & allowed me to focus on the business side of things in a way I hadn’t previously been able to.

That said, I knew Denver was always part of the bigger plan. There is a great Ableton community both in Denver & Boulder which is not too far away. Denver is also the home of Beatport & clubs like The Church, Beta & the legendary Red Rocks. I’m sure I’m barely even scratching the surface here & I look forward to finding the hidden gems this area has to offer. If you are associated with booking electronic artists & DJs, have good promotion, great sound & think I’d be a good fit for your venue, definitely get in touch with me. I’ll be available in mid-late June.

So this is my 3rd day here & at the moment, the majority of my time is dedicated to finding a place to live & adapting to the traffic & clusterfuckery of the street layout. I’m most likely going to be setting up camp in the Capital Hill area. In the meantime, I’ll try to get more Ableton 9 & Push videos & posts up when I can. I don’t have any space for my studio at the moment, so i’ll be in minimalist mode until I am properly settled in to my new place. Your patience is appreciated.

What you can expect

Being back in a big city will have a lot of great advantages & I plan to connect with a lot more artists & share more tips, tricks, hacks & techniques that you can put to use right away. I’m sure I will come across many new insights from these new interactions. You can also expect more music out of me as well as more focus on DJing & live performance.

Max for Live will be making more appearances as well as I poke around further & discover how far that rabbit hole goes. Instead of bombarding you with every possibility, I’ll pull out the most useful tools & techniques I can.

Members & Partners can expect continued updates & more interaction over the coming months as I always push myself to create a better experience for you all. I’m always here listening to your feedback, comments & suggestions, so keep those coming.

I’m also planning to upgrade the website a bit, so if you are a wordpress guru, get in touch!

Wish me luck on finding the perfect place & expect to hear from me soon!

Happy music making,



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