Audio mastering Services

Pricing is as follows:

$50 per song (if less than 5 songs)

$40 per song (if 5 or more songs)

$100 for DJ Mixes

Here are before and after samples of my work:


What is Mastering?

In basic terms is the process that makes your demo sound more professional and radio ready. Now when I say demo, I am not saying your recording and mixing process are not professional. What I am saying is that any song by any artist that is not mastered is essentially a demo and not “radio ready”.

Mastering will make a dramatic difference in the following:

*More Warmth without muddiness

*More Punch

*More Clarity

*The ability to hear each instrument in it’s own space

*More loudness without distortion or over compression

*A more 3 dimensional sound

*Less noise

*A reduction in frequencies that make your speakers work harder than necessary or that are  too harsh on your ears.

Mastering uses the best in digital or analog equipment to bring your songs to life. In general the mastering process involves proper use of Compression/Limiting,  Noise  ReductionHarmonic Exciters and EQ’s.

The most important tool is a trained ear and this is something that takes some time.


This is where you really put your Ableton Live Suite software to use.



How to prepare your song for mastering:

*Do not compress or limit your final mix. You will be tempted to do this to make things sound louder, but this is counter productive for mastering. Remember, the mastering engineer can’t undo what you have done, so less is more. Of course it’s fine to compress and effect your individual tracks and instruments, but just don’t put one blanket compressor over the whole mix.. bad idea!

*Your final mix should peak at between -6db and -3db. You do not want it to even come close to clipping. Digital clipping is a nasty thing.

*Make sure your song is properly named on a data cd and that your email and phone number are written on both the CDR and the CD case. You would be surprised how easy it is to misplace an unlabeled CDR and not be sure which case it was supposed to go with.

*I typically like when a band or artist send me a song of a band they really like the production and mastering on (make sure that band sounds similar you your sound). This gives the engineer an idea of what results you are hoping for and takes away alot of guess work.

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