The Ableton DJing and Performance Video Collection

I am thrilled to offer you what I consider to be one of the most in depth and complete collections of video tutorials on DJ’ing out there!

If you find yourself getting stuck when attempting to DJ or setting up your songs for Live performance, I think you’re gonna love these videos. This collection could save you months in fumbling around or getting stuck on the technical side of DJ’ing and performing.

Unlocking the secrets of performance in Ableton will open up a completely new experience for you and your ability to create! I also plan to add bonus videos as I come across new techniques and updated information.

Here is the Video List below:

    1. DJ’ing live in the session window part 1
    2. DJ’ing live in the session window part 2
    3. DJ’ing live in the session window part 3
    4. DJ’ing live in the session window part 4
    5. DJ’ing live in the session window part 5
    6. Make a DJ mix in the Arrange window
    7. Warping with Autowarp (version 7)
    8. Warping the hard way (version 7)
    9. Warping in Ableton 9 & 8
    10. Warping with live drummers
    11. Warpless mixing
    12. Organizing files for DJ’ing
    13. Launching Clips without a mouse
    14. Macro Controls
    15. Setting up controller Knobs and keys
    16. Preparing your productions for Live performance
    17. Syncing Ableton on 2 computers
    18. APC40 setup

Also included is my Ebook: Mixing with your Mind – How to make your Best DJ Mix (This Ebook goes where other DJ related books don’t. This concentrates on ways to use your brain for the fastest, most creative and most enjoyable results!)

Dj'ing and Performance Collection
A must for anyone wanting to DJ or perform live in Ableton. Includes 17 in-depth Videos on Warping, Organizing files, Setting up midi controllers (including APC40) and lots more! As a Free bonus, it also includes my Ebook "Mixing with your Mind - Make your best DJ Mix".