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This page is my best attempt to give you an idea of who I am, what I have done & what I am up to currently. If you would like to skip my full about me story (you won’t hurt my feelings), I’ve got popular posts, contact info & social media links as well as my rss feed at the bottom of the page. For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy my musical journey.

 My name is Jason Ward & I have been making music as Jason Timothy (my real middle name) since 1987. My story covers quite a bit of ground, so I’ll try to give you some of the highlights. If you would like to skip to 1999, when I started teaching people music software, you can check out my story here.

 The full story starts way before 1987, as I grew up around music. My dad was a songwriter, guitarist & vocalist in a band called The Roosters & had a couple hit songs in the late 60’s with Love Machine, One of these days & Rosebush. They had the same booking agency as The Doors & played shows with them, The Turtles & The Chambers Brothers.  What I recall from all this is the studio out in the backyard where I first found a love for knobs & faders.

 Although I didn’t get the bug for music until my teens, growing up around music & spending nights in studios must have rubbed off on me. In ’87 myself & school mate Glenn Thayer put together an imaginary band, with an intention of turning it into something real. We had no instruments & no musical ability at the time, but by christmas that year, I got a guitar from my dad & he got a Yamaha portasound synth (you know, the ones with built in rhythms & drum patterns). Then out of dumb luck, 2 new kids would move onto Glenn’s street & would become the beginning of a band that would eventually become Negative Image. We were a cross between The Cure, Duran Duran, Bauhaus & Depeche Mode. For 17 & 18 year olds, we had quite a bit of local success, selling out The Roxy in Los Angeles the week after David Bowie’s Tin Machine warmed up the stage. Here’s a taste of what we looked & sounded like.

 This band lasted until 1991 & broke up due to typical internal issues & egos. I formed another band with the bass player of Negative Image that eventually became Mock Turtle Story. This band when through 2 female singer, both of which made for a successful chapter of music. Musician magazine named us one of the Top 50 unsigned bands in the country & we won every contest we entered. The first incarnation incorporated more electronics & I took on all the drum programming, synths as well as playing guitar (1 of 2 guitarists) Here is a sample of that. The 2nd incarnation was heavier & was my first project with a live drummer. It sounded like This. We had a great run opening for bands like The Nixons, Primitive Radio Gods, Gene Loves Jezebel & Missing Persons. We broke up in 1996, in which time I had been falling in love with electronic music.

 While Mock Turtle Story was winding down, I was already working on an electronic side project called Nick Shifter (a name I later used when mixing, engineering & master bands like Kevorkian Death Cycle, God Komplex & Suzzanna Reeves). Nikk Shifter was me and a partner diving into big beat & break beat sounds. This was my first attempt at completely electronic music. Here’s a sample of what that sounded like.

 Finally in 2000 innerstate was formed (with partner Frank Prosnik), taking everything I had learned form the past & developing my own stamp of Tech Trance & Progressive house music. The first innerstate track Sidewinder as well as a Sigur Ros remix got some big attention from the best DJ’s on the planet, with Hernan Cattaneo calling this tracks his biggest tracks for nearly a year!

With all this experience behind me with songwriting, mixing, mastering, engineering & programming, I felt I had something I could offer others. Something that would help people passionate about music, learn what was important much more quickly than I learned. If you want to read the business side of my transition into creating this website,  you can read my story here.

I love music, and I have a passion for helping people with good ideas bring great music into the world. Feel free to get in touch with the links below. Happy music making.


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