The Ultimate Ableton Template Walkthrough

The Ultimate Ableton Template Walkthrough

It’s finally here after 100’s of hours of very hard work & I’m really excited to share this with you all. This is the tool that I believe will triple your songwriting productivity & you’ll soon see why. Everything is laid out in a very simple & organized way but goes very deep. Members of my Ableton Producer’s Playground will have full access to this tool by July 1st, 2012 at the latest.

You’ll want to set aside about an hour to go through this video, because there is a LOT to it. There are several unique tools that are not available anywhere else (The Click Maker, Always In Key & Chopped pads tools to name a few). And remember, this is just 1 of many resources I’ve made available to members (more details below).

On that note, enjoy the Ultimate Ableton Template walkthrough:

Some requirements are necessary for the best possible experience. You’ll want to be running a current version of Ableton Live, or at least 8.1.3. I also suggest 4gb of ram or more as some of the tools can be a bit cpu heavy, however, there are simple workarounds for slower computers.

Become a Member Now for only $10/Month(Limited Time) & get:

*Immediate 24/7 access to All Ableton Video Collections & Every update made thereafter

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Ultimate Ableton Collection 2

Advanced Warping Collection

Ableton Remixing Walkthrough

Ableton DJ & Live Performance Collection

30 Day Ableton Music Production Journal

Plus at no additional cost (Very Limited Time Only):

*The Ableton Master Template (The Guaranteed way to triple your productivity!)

*Synth Presets/Sampler Racks/Effects Racks/Drum Kits & Loads of Chains, clips & tools

*Always InKey tool – Never hit a wrong note again!

*Every Song I have done Free & high quality

*Finished and unfinished Songfiles galore to use & abuse in any way you like

*My songs broken down for Live Performance (for endless possibilities)

*APC40 Templates

*Free Ebooks written especially for Members
(1 ebook is so powerful, it would be worth the price of entry alone!)

*Exclusive Video walkthroughs

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  1. June 29th, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    Paul Ibberson says:

    Jason, this is INSANE…..(-ly amazing!)

    Must’ve taken hundreds of hours to create; I’m just imagining being able to use this in lots of different versions as well (swapping out the operator for example with another 3rd-party synth and so on…. using different samples in the racks, different eq’s and compressors, It’s going to give infinite possibilities.

    massive kudos to you for getting this out,

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