Just Released: Randal Helm’s Free Roland JX3P Vintage Synth for Ableton

Randal Helm’s Free Roland JX3P Vintage Synth for Ableton

I’ve got a real treat for you guys & I’m happy to finally be able to deliver!

More than 4 months in the making, this meticulously sampled synth is a fantastic instrument for anyone who has Ableton’s Sampler instrument.

The JX3P has 3 settings for Brilliance -5db, 0db & +5db. There is also a built in chorus that can be set on or off. This makes 6 subtle variations.  Because Randal(aka @MrBitterness) wanted an absolutely authentic sound & was not wanting to leave out any detail, the whole range of keys were sampled 6 separate times for variations on each sound! That is 6 times the work just for those subtle variances!

He could have just added a chorus effect at the end of the synth chain & called it a day, but there is nothing quite like Roland synth chorus. He could have just added an EQ instead of sampling each brilliance setting. He could have just recorded long samples & hoped no one played until the end of the sample, but instead he spent a massive amount of time creating seamless loops for each note for each variation.

For those who have attempted to create seamless reproductions of vintage synth sounds, you’ll start to appreciate the monumental undertaking this is. I still own my Roland JX synth and it’s one synth I’ll never get rid of. It just has a fantastic & unique sound.

I could get into more details, but it would be best to just let you listen for yourself. Except the drums, all the synths are the JX3P instrument & an effect rack that comes with it.

Audio sample 1

Audio sample 2

He has been kind enough to offer a light version of this synth for Free so everyone can use it.

Free JX3P

If you like the Free synth, you’ll simply love the full version!

Randal was planning to sell the full version for $17, which would still be quite a deal, but I asked him to offer it to my readers at $9.99.

He wins be getting more vintage synth lovers checking it out & you win by getting a fantastically authentic synth instrument for an excellent price. And now I am happy to share it with you!

Early Bird special 

Take another 20% off with the coupon code: jx3pRocks
(expires Monday Sept. 10th)

Roland JX3P for Ableton
Randal Helm (aka @MrBitterness) has REALLY outdone himself with this sampled synth. The synth was meticulously sampled across the keyboard range 6 separate times per patch to give you several vintage sound options from the legendary Roland JX3P. This was 4 months in the making & is finally available to the public. Click on title for audio samples & more info.

To install the Ableton Live Pack:

1. In Ableton go to File/Install Live Pack

2. Choose a location to unzipped the file to

3. Go to File/Open & find the songfile (.als) in the JX3P project folder/or drag the songfile (.als) into the Ableton window.

In other news, get ready for the official launch for The Ableton Producer’s Playground. The doors are opening soon, so make sure to get yourself on the waiting list to be informed right away.

happy music making,


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    Made this with the JX3P, a piano, and a few samples


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