Ableton and Serato announce The Bridge

Ableton and Serato announce The Bridge

We have been waiting for this announcement for quite some time and it is finally here! Get ready for an exciting time for DJ’s and producers from all walks of life.  Though the details are still a bit fuzzy, the reaction from those that have seen it has been full of excitement and anticipation.

Here is the information we have thusfar:

* The Bridge will be free for all registered users of both full versions of Ableton 8 and Serato

* The Bridge is by directional, meaning you’ll be able to work within either Ableton 8 or Serato.

* Turntable control on multitracks from inside Ableton

* Serato sets can be recorded as multitracks into Ableton for further editing and tweaking

* Ableton songfiles can now be dragged into Serato and Serato files can be dragged into Ableton

* Ableton FX will be available inside Serato

* There is said to be a “Mixtape” feature that many are raving about

* A release date has not yet been announced

Let Ableton and Serato Explain further:

More details as they come…..

Happy Music Making,


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