Are you in a band or an aspiring Remixer, Producer or DJ? New to Ableton?

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The Producer’s Playground
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I want to go further than just showing you every new production trick to get “that” sound. That’s not really my thing. I’d prefer to instilled in you the habits & processes of creative people. You’ll discover it’s less about the tools they are using & more about what’s happening in their heads. Of course you can also expect a wealth of useful Ableton tips that leave you open to explore your own musical path.

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My goal with my video tutorial collections below is to empower you to create & put the knowledge you need in your hands. This takes my experience of 10 years of training people 1 on 1 & takes it to a whole other level.

I’ll be honest, video tutorials are not going to solve all you’re create issues. It takes a lot of drive, confidence & determination to do that. The Producer’s Playground can help you with that, by helping you take a look at your creative habits so you don’t run around in circles hunting for useless information.

There should be a balance between learning something new & then applying that information right away. Until you put the information to use, it’s all useless & will soon be forgotten. Creativity is about problem solving. If you are holding off getting started until you know everything, you won’t get very far in this industry. To innovate, you can’t just copy the techniques of other people forever. You’ll need to get comfortable with the unpaved roads as well. That is really where the fun starts anyway.

As a disclaimer, I want to be clear that I do not work for Ableton and that these videos are not made by the Ableton Live company. They are however in compliance with this great company and I appreciate their support.

I wish you the most fulfilling music making adventure. I look forward to hearing your creations in clubs around the world.


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