Free Max For Live Plugins From James Holden – Group Humanizer

Free Max For Live Plugins From James Holden - Group Humanizer

For those of you are are fans of electronic music, James Holden is not a new name. He's been influencing & inspiring the scene for over a decade with his own productions & his record label Border Community. He's really pushes the boundaries of what underground club music can be. If for some reason you aren't familiar with him, I highly encourage you to check him out.

With that, I'm extremely excited for this game changing plugin he just released. It goes beyond groove quantization in a big way in that each instrument influences the playing of another. Although this collection of plugins can seem a bit intimidating, once you understand it, it's pretty straightforward. I've just barely tapped the surface of what is possible, but these plugins are capable of doing much more (like following and being influenced by live playing).

How it works:

1. Drop the Group humanizer Master plugin on it's own track. This will be where you control all the parameters for your instruments.

2. Drop the Group Humanizer Slave Plugin on each track you want to humanize.

3. Set the timing variables & witness the magic.

Here a video I made to show you basically how it works:

You can download the plugins free here

Happy music making,



The 8 Bar Loop to Song Completion Video Series

The 8 Bar Loop to Song Completion Video Series

I wanted to share with you an experiment that turned into a 4.5 hour video series. The idea was to take an unfinished 8 bar loop by one of my Producer's Playground members & create a video walkthrough of how I would approach finishing it. I think the experiment was a big success & offers a number of tips & techniques that I'm certain will be helpful for those who have trouble finishing their ideas (and who doesn't?).

With that said I wanted to present the first video in the series for free. If this type of over the shoulder training is of value to you, I'm making the full series extremely affordable at just $7. Even if you were to pick up 1 great tip that boosted your ability to finish songs more consistently, wouldn't that be worth it? The choice is yours.

Enjoy the free video!

Grab the Video Series here

The Producer’s Podcast interview

I recently did an interview with The Producer's Podcast & it has just gone live.

The producer's podcast is a great resource for music production tips in all electronic genres. They interview both top producers & up and coming artists to give a wide spectrum of solid information to those wanting to make music production your life.

In this 45 minute long interview, we cover a lot of territory:

Music production habits
Production tips
Geeky tricks
Favorite plugins
Advice for new producers
Shopping your music & getting signed
and more....

Here's the interview:

Give it a listen now & make sure to subscribe to the podcast on Itunes or Soundcloud.

Happy music making,

Why does yesterday’s banging track sound like crap today?

Why does yesterday's banging track sound like crap today?

So you've got this track of yours that you were jamming out to yesterday. Building, adding, eqing & tweaking all night. You wake up today & go back to your masterpiece and..... someone must have changed half the sounds.

It sounds like shit!

Who could have done this to your tune? Sadly, nobody. You are suffering from the music producer's next day syndrome.

You know the story & it probably happens more often than you would like to admit. It has happened to us all & we always wonder why.

I don't have a definitive answer on this but I do have a hypothesis that that might help shed light on the subject.

What happened to my song?

Sadly, nothing. The better question to ask is "what happened to you?".

Between last night and today, you hearing & listening skills have changed. Unfortunately, you are hearing more clearly today than you were last night.

This happens for a few reasons.

For 1, long "inspired" sessions can often turn to uninspired actions. Over time, our ears get start hearing things differently. We become less sensitive to certain frequencies & are bound to over do things. Our ears simply get fatigued & we lose perspective. Unfortunately our brain didn't get the memo & the more you work toward finishing your song, the more damage that is done.

In order to keep perspective, you need regular breaks to let your ears recover & at a certain point, when you find yourself suddenly feeling like you need to eq everything to make it sound right, that is usually when you should consider walking away for the night.


Self hypnosis

Have you ever listened to a loop so long that you kind of get lost in a zone? It's a fantastic experience when you are listening to music, but not when you are writing it. What happens is, you start hearing things differently. You start hearing things that aren't actually there or a hidden ghost note that is implied. You may get so lost in one sound, that you stop hearing certain other sounds.

Sometimes you get in too close to the details to really have a handle on the big picture. The more you listen to something on repeat, the more your imagination takes over until what you are hearing is not actually what you are listening to. You are no longer hearing what is coming through your speakers, but more of a fantasy version of it. This can make an average sounding idea sound better than it actually is.

To avoid this, you should try to avoid listening to your song idea as a constant loop too much. Listen to your song start to finish & take mental notes along the way. This way, when you listen back, you are taking an active role instead of putting yourself in a passive self hypnosis role. You want to check in with yourself often & make sure your brain isn't filling in the blanks.


A better tomorrow

In order to have a better tomorrow, make sure you pay close attention today when you are writing. Although it's great to get excited and have fun with your music production, it's also important to put yourself in somewhat of a neutral state at times & view things as a realist. When you start getting the itch to change things too much, consider walking away from the computer. You'll be happier the next day & the day after.

All is definitely not lost when you find yourself unhappy with where your song is at. Given enough will & persistence, you can almost always find your way back & revive your track. It might take a couple days, but if you stick with it, the spark will return.


Happy music making,




Dj'ing and Performance Collection
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Ultimate Ableton Collection 1
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Roland JX3P for Ableton
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Ultimate Ableton Collection 2
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Producer's Deluxe Collection
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Ableton Remixing Walkthrough
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