Learn Ableton with Splice | Mini-Course

Today I just released a 3 part mini-course in partnership with Splice.com.

My New course will quickly cover essential effect techniques that you’ll certainly use in 90% of your music, a fast approach to song arrangement & must know template & preset techniques.

You’ll also be able to get your hands on a free template to use and abuse in any way you like.

If you haven’t heard of splice yet, it’s an amazing site for music producers that allows people to seamlessly collaborate, or release your song file publicly. It’s also a great way to store all of your songs for free.

As you collaborate within Splice, it will save each each version of your process, so you can always go back if you choose to. It not only works with Ableton, but FL Studio, Garage Band & Logic as well.

The conversations I had with the guys from Splice makes me very excited for new features to come as well. Definitely check it out and set yourself up a free account. You’ll be happy you did!

You can find my mini-course along with other Ableton gurus Tom Cosm, AfroDJMac, Mr Bill & Multiplier.

You can check out my course here:
Jason Timothy – Splice Mini-Course

Other Ableton courses can be found here:


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Ableton Producer’s Playground Free for all

Ableton Producer’s Playground Free for all

At this very moment, my Ableton Producer’s Playground is getting some pretty massive upgrades. 2 of 4 new video courses have already been added & there is more great stuff coming for our members.

I am also in the process of switching the company I use for my membership to a much more seamless system.

In doing this, I have had to temporarily expose much of what is inside the Producer’s Playground to members & non-members alike.

I decided that instead of freaking out about it, I would publicly share the opportunity for you to access normally protected files.

You’ll want to move fast on this, because I am currently protecting more & more files (hint, check out the video collections, as they will take longer for me to protect).

If you appreciate the content, please do me a favor by sharing this post with your friends on facebook or twitter.

Here’s a link to the Ableton Producer’s Playground:


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Free Max For Live Plugins From James Holden – Group Humanizer

Free Max For Live Plugins From James Holden – Group Humanizer

For those of you are are fans of electronic music, James Holden is not a new name. He’s been influencing & inspiring the scene for over a decade with his own productions & his record label Border Community. He’s really pushes the boundaries of what underground club music can be. If for some reason you aren’t familiar with him, I highly encourage you to check him out.

With that, I’m extremely excited for this game changing plugin he just released. It goes beyond groove quantization in a big way in that each instrument influences the playing of another. Although this collection of plugins can seem a bit intimidating, once you understand it, it’s pretty straightforward. I’ve just barely tapped the surface of what is possible, but these plugins are capable of doing much more (like following and being influenced by live playing).

How it works:

1. Drop the Group humanizer Master plugin on it’s own track. This will be where you control all the parameters for your instruments.

2. Drop the Group Humanizer Slave Plugin on each track you want to humanize.

3. Set the timing variables & witness the magic.

Here a video I made to show you basically how it works:

You can download the plugins free here

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The 8 Bar Loop to Song Completion Video Series

The 8 Bar Loop to Song Completion Video Series

I wanted to share with you an experiment that turned into a 4.5 hour video series. The idea was to take an unfinished 8 bar loop by one of my Producer’s Playground members & create a video walkthrough of how I would approach finishing it. I think the experiment was a big success & offers a number of tips & techniques that I’m certain will be helpful for those who have trouble finishing their ideas (and who doesn’t?).

With that said I wanted to present the first video in the series for free. If this type of over the shoulder training is of value to you, I’m making the full series extremely affordable at just $7. Even if you were to pick up 1 great tip that boosted your ability to finish songs more consistently, wouldn’t that be worth it? The choice is yours.

Enjoy the free video!

Grab the Video Series here

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