Former Ableton student of mine reveals his success story

It’s always pleasing when a student of mine shares their successes with me. Most like to keep more private about it, which I can completely respect. In this case though, Lucian Tanase, a student of my Ableton Producer’s Playground was happy to share his story.

Now I remember Lucian very well, because he was one of the most active member’s in the group. He was always asking questions, joining in conversations and most importantly, working on his music & continuing to improve his skill consistently. I could tell that he was a goal oriented person from the start.

It’s actually not a surprise that he would have a story to tell. He took massive action from the start & worked through setbacks that would discourage most & turned them into stepping stone to success.

If there is any theme that can be repeated throughout history about successful people, it’s that they set a goal & never stop moving forward, even if it’s a tiny step. Over time, every step turns into a massive difference in your outcome.

Below is Lucian’s own words:

Hi Jason , As you know I was one of your student to learn music production and collaborate with others. Maybe you would love to hear a small success story of one of your former students:

Last time we really spoke it was a couple of months ago, when I requested your help in a radio music contest to vote for me, well I managed to get the 4th place which was a good place also, and they put me into some promotion to some few radio stations from Europe and north america. From that moment my life begins to be very dynamically, I knew many other talented producers and tried to collaborate with many producers from other countries.

After a few months, I manage to get a work in a public radio station from Sydney, where I live, and now I have my own show at a radio station each Saturday, I can promote any music I want and its pretty awesome because I learn a lot of stuffs in media broadcasting and get more popular and famous also.

One day I got a proposal from one of the best dance record label from South-East Asia to take over the management of a record label and re-branded from ground and make it my own label, which I did, and since now almost 2 months and half I am general manager of my own record label, based in Sydney, focused on Techno and House ( and all of its sub-styles ), partnered with over 4 radio stations across the world and have already good artists signed. This is the story up to now

Wow! What a great story huh? A radio DJ, Producer & Label Owner all in the lasts several months. I couldn’t be happier. I wish this kind of success on all my members, customers & readers alike & will do my best to give you the tools, resources & kick in the ass you need to get there.

Those of you who connected with Lucian in the Producer’s Playground may want to get in touch with him if you finish songs you want him to hear. Just make sure it fits what he’s looking for.

I plan to write more about marketing yourself, your music & getting tracks signed, so stay tuned for that!

Happy music making!


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